Ryan Ponce

2019 Recap

December 23, 2019

This year was a very busy year for me. Here are some of the big things that happened throughout the year.


Mentally prepared for another New York winter. Became a tourist in my own city and went to Rockefeller Center. Sandy went to Mexico to visit her sick grandmother. Survived a cold and windy snow storm that blew Sandy over outside of our apartment.


Some of my family came to visit, which included my dad, Diggy, Valentina, Alyssa, my Aunt Heidi, and Drew. We did a bunch of touristy stuff with them and rode bikes across a few bridges in Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.


Sandy flew to Los Angeles for a few days to look at potential apartments for us. Enjoyed some nice weather in New York. Rode to Red Hook and visited a few spots there.


Sandy turned 26 and we celebrated at a Dodger game. We moved from Brooklyn back to Los Angeles.


Settled back in to Los Angeles living. Immediately hit up our classic go to spots (Bernadettes, DTLA Ramen, OB Bear, Apple Pan) and finally went to Salazar. The food was great, but the service was terrible. Will probably go back though.


Spent a nice weekend with Sandy at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs. Saw Jaws at Cinespia in Hollywood. Rode Critical Mass with my Dad and Sandy at the end of the month.


Visited the Orange County fair and enjoyed a mild summer.


We had to put Walter down. He was just shy of 9 years old. Rode the Hollywood Ciclavia (East Hollywood to West Hollywood). Sandy got a nice new All City Space Horse bike.


Turned 30 years old. Celebrated at Disneyland with Sandy. She took to me the fancy Carthay Circle restaurant in California Adventure. My Dad told a story at the Moth on the theme of "cars". Signed back up for WOW Classic with Timmy. Went to Benihanna for my cousin Drew's 13th birthday.


Went to the Disneyland Halloween Party. It was at California Adventure this time. My family dressed up as Toy Story characters. I was Woody. Secretly got married at the Santa Ana courthouse. Traveled to Mexico City a few times in preparation for my wedding.


Diggy came to visit Los Angeles before going to Mexico City. I got married. Partied at Pujol and La Nuclear. Spent some time with my whole family in Mexico City. Visited Xochimilco finally. Sandy and I hosted a 12 person Thanksgiving dinner in our apartment. We cooked a 20lbs turkey with the hits and 2 pies.


Got a 7ft. Christmas tree this year and transported from Home Depot to our apartment on top of Sandy's Mini Cooper. Went to the Moth where the theme was "Traditions". Celebrated Christmas Eve at my Mom's and spend the night in their RV. Christmas at my Nini's house. Saw James and Nikki in Irvine along with some of my old Acorns buddies.

Next Year

Going to Maui for our belated honeymoon. Hopefully going to buy a house.