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Learning Ruby

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I have been trying to learn to program off and on for a few years now. First I tried Objective-C, then I tried a little bit of PHP when Wordpress got big, then I went back to Objective-C, and finally Javascript. A few weeks ago I decided to pick a programming language and stick with it. The language I finally decided to learn is Ruby.

For the past few days I have been working my way through Learn Code the Hard Way’s Learn Ruby the Hard Way. I have finished the first 10 chapters of the book and it seems to be going quite well. I can’t say I have learned many new things thus far, but I think that has to do with some of the beginning concepts taught to be the same across all programming languages. For example, strings in Ruby seem to be the same as strings in Objective-C, Javascript, etc.. I’m sure as I work my way deeper into the language, things will start to become a little different.

I read somewhere that one of the best things that one can do when learning a new programming language, or anything for that matter, is to blog about it. The article I read suggested to blog about everything, even your mistakes. It suggested when mistakes are found, to correct them and describe how they were fixed.. This is what I plan to do. While I work my way through this book and onto different resources for learning Ruby and eventually Ruby on Rails, I will blog as much as I can in the hope of tracking my progress as well as helping others that might be in the same position as myself.